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Monday, 11 October 2010

Is Mobile Self Storage the best house staging tool?

To sell in today's housing market you need to have something special, something that will stand out in the viewers mind. It has always been the case that house staging can enhance the chances of selling your property, but today this is never more the case. There are many ways of house staging and there are many house stagers around, we have worked with Staged Moves in Essex, although there are many around that will offer a similar service.   
One of the main ways of house staging is to remove clutter and furniture to maximise the effect to a potential buyer, historically this would involve a man and van or a hire van and a trip to a self store facility. As you can imagine this is a real hassle and is often decided against. There is a solution to this dilemma, what if the self store room could be brought to your front door? Impossible? Well its not, there is a solution called Mobile Self Storage The storage room, in the form of a mobile storage unit (MSU) is brought to your property inside a trailer and left for you to load. This is really convenient as you will get enough time to load up and secure your MSU. Each  MSU comes with 15 blankets for protecting your goods and can be secured with 2 padlocks. The other benefit is that your goods will be handled once as opposed to multiple times if accessing a room in a self store site. You can also purchase packing materials in advance or on the day from the `mini bar` secured to each trailer. Items such as mattress covers and sofa covers can be purchased.

This system of house staging we have found is more convenient and at a time where every detail is so important becoming a really useful service. The typical storage charges are lower than self storage sites and the collection charge is very reasonable at approximately £40 for a local collection. Insurance is usually included free up to £5,000 and £1 per £1,000 cover per month.  For an illustration £10,000 cover with a self store company could be approx £30-£40 pcm  compared to £5 mobile self storage.

There are many ways of helping to sell your property, I stumbled upon one this weekend when I decided to sort out the weeds coming through my block paving. I purchased a scraping tool and a bag of sweeping sand and went to work scraping the weeds and mud out and then sweeping the sand over the gaps. The end result was amazing my drive looked like new.(It needs to be a sunny day preferably) Things like that can make all the difference.

When you do get to the point of actually selling your property you will have already have completed one of the main jobs i.e. de-cluttering and you will be more organised for your forthcoming move. When getting quotes from removal companies it is really important that you look for companies that are accredited, and are members of either the Guild or the BAR.

Good luck with your sale and remember you need to stand out in a crowd!

Alan Stephenson


  1. Really good Blog Alan, some great points made. I know someone who actually used an MSU to store their stuff - really great. They packed it up and then it was picked up, so easy.
    Thanks for the mention by the way, it's good to see someone who recognises Home Staging as a useful tool.

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