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Sunday, 19 December 2010

What is the best day for moving house?

A difficult question? well not really!
The best day for moving house is the day your preferred remover can fit you in!

With all the many considerations when moving house, the stresses and strains of hoping the exchange goes through you  may be forgiven for not worrying about what day the actual removal day falls on.
You will usually be informed by your solicitor what the completion day will be and at that point you will go to your chosen removal company and inform them of your moving day. This can often lead to disappointment as they are fully booked, your next favoured remover are also fully booked and so on and so forth until you have to settle for a man and van/lorry operator to fit you in. (That opens up a whole new can of worms, not for this post though)
Solicitors are not really concerned about the completion day (removal day) all they have to do is make sure the money moves from one account to another. The busier the completion day the more problems there are, so should be avoided.
The busiest day of the week is Friday. The end of the month is always busier than the beginning so combine the two and the last Friday of the month is the busiest day of the month. Listed below are 8 reasons why this day should be avoided.

1. Its unlikely you will secure the services of your preferred remover.
2. If short notice you may only be left with cowboy operators. (how do you spot a cowboy?)
3. You are more likely to pay a premium and not be able to negotiate a reduction.
4. There will be more completions for the solicitors so you are more likely to have a late key release.
5. If you have late key release you may have to pay waiting time charges.
6. Some removers may hire vans and agency workers to cover the demand - reduced quality.
7. If there is a problem with the completion you will have to wait until Monday to get it resolved.
8. The Estate Agent may have alot of activity and may cause a delay in the release of keys.

So what do you do?

The first thing to do is do your homework and get removal quotations nice and early and decide which company you want to move with. Once you have identified them let them know you want to move with them and explain the stage you are at with your move. You may be surprised at how much help and advice you can get from a good remover.
You may have some idea of when the move may take place even if you haven't exchanged contracts, your remover will let you know the dates around that time that are available.
Armed with this information contact your solicitor and ask if the time frame is accurate and that you want to move on the suggested date. (Someone in the chain will suggest a date that everyone else works towards, why don't you be that person?) Once agreed let your remover know that's the date your working towards and they will provisionally book for you. This will hold the resources they need, but will not commit you until nearer the time, usually seven days before the date.
This approach will save you allot of unnecessary stress and will give you the best hope for a trouble free move.

Everything above is to do with completion day moves, If you are moving to or from a rented property or moving into or out of storage you will have more flexibility and therefore more chance of getting the date and remover you want. Our current special offer is proof of this. 


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