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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Paying for a removal and packing service? What`s left for you to do?

 Deciding to let your remover do the packing aswell as the moving is a really good idea. The advantages of this are many but there is still lots for you to do.
If you are moving direct from house to house locally there are less considerations than if you are moving overseas with a term in storage.
By deciding to have the packing done for you, you can focus on other things such as de-cluttering.
Spend the time before the packers arrive to dispose of unwanted items you dont want in the new house. There are several methods to achieve this:-

Dump rubbish- Take to recycle centre or civil amenity site, or hire a skip if there is a large amount. A tip here is to always get a larger skip than you think you need as it will work out cheaper than getting a second smaller skip. (and theres usually more than you think!) We use Ahern Skips who cover the whole of Essex.
Unwanted furniture- There are several ways of dealing with these items, either break up and skip, arrange for the council to collect (they will usually charge a small fee and you will need to leave the items on the boundary of the property.) They will usually only take a few items, (Handy if its an old sofa and cooker!)  Talk to your remover about this, they may well offer to carry them out for you. Or consider a charity shop or if its valuable an auction. We reccommend Lighthouse charity and Chelmsford Auction Rooms.  Many people also use ebay and Freecycle as another way of disposing of items.
Brick a brack-  Smaller items such as books toys china etc are always welcome in your local charity shop, or if you want to make some money why not try Ebay or why not do a garage sale this can be a lot of fun and a way of getting the kids involved and poss earning some additional pocket money!

Now you've disposed of unwanted items you can focus on all the things you need to do In preparation for moving see our Removal Guide for info on what you need to do. You may have decorating or building work planned for the new house so you may be interested in taking advantage of a Mobile Self Storage option which will solve this problem, or if you don't want to lift the items yourself arrange with  your remover to store it for you.
 When its a few days to go make sure that you know where you want things to go. For example you may want the study items currently in Bedroom 4, put in an outbuilding at the new house. (You don`t want to find all your files are in a bedroom when you need them outside). If there is a difference of locations label the room or leave instructions, as the packers can only label where items have come from not where they are going to.
Finally the day your packers arrive allocate areas where you can accumulate items you don't want packed, I recommend on the beds for clothes bags & essentials (as the packers will not pack the bedding being used, until the moving day!) one bathroom/ en suite for toiletries and an area of the kitchen work surface for other essentials such as kettle, bottle sterilizer chargers etc..  Make sure you have remembered to separate important items such as medicines, keys & paperwork required at short notice. Make sure you keep aside any floor plans or instructions for the removers.
When the packers arrive show them the areas that you have allocated for the items that are not to be packed and then leave them to it!
By now you have probably had your decision to get a packing service confirmed, and if you have also asked the removers to do the dismantling you have nothing left to do, except Relax!


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