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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What happens when the Removal lorry is too big?

Horses for courses is a very good motto when it comes to the subject of access for large vehicles. We receintly carried out a domestic removal from Billericay to Chard in Somerset, which in itself is nothing out of the ordinary. However, on this occasion when the lorry arrived at the lane they needed to deliver in, there was no way it would fit!
The crew found the house but it was about a quarter of a mile down the lane! What now?
Under normal circumstances when the move is arranged these problems are discussed but our customer was renting and didn`t know the exact property. We quoted based on reasonable access, this was obviously not that. The other point is how does a customer know if the vehicle will fit or not?
There was no point in playing the blame game there was a lorry to unload, and a big one at that!
The first person to arrive at the scene said "you wont get up there with that!" -useful info!  The second was a plumber in a van who after being questioned by the crew said he knew someone that may be able to help, someone who does removals and has a small van. He would give him a call and let us know.
We were going to have to trans-ship the load! For this operation to be a success it needed to be just the right van, big enough so there are not too many shuttle runs, but not too big, for obvious reasons!

The crew waited and pondered their dilemma. Shortly after the plumbers call, Matt called and said "this is your knight in shining armour!" Matt`s company (O & H Removals of Chard-Somerset) turned out to be a reputable remover in the area who knew the lane we were in, and said he was on his way.  That's what you call a result!
Not only was his van was perfect for the job, but he got there quick. The next problem was the trans-ship area, no problem, luckily there was a club/pub at the end of the lane and the owner agreed to us using the far side of his car park to use. I don't think we were the first to need it. He even came out with a cup of tea for the crew!
Perry Street Club-Chard

When you trans-ship it involves carefully unloading the host lorry into the shuttle van, using the care and attention you would in a standard move, this takes time, it also requires a clever strategy to ensure the van is being constantly used to shuttle. This was achieved and the move was completed albeit delayed by about 3 hours.

The trans-ship In progress.

There were only 4 trips required, it could have been far worse, especially if he turned up in a panel van. Steve and Dan even got into the spirit by taking up a few items themselves-

Finally I would like to thank O & H removals and also the staff at the Perry Street Club for their help in our hour of need.  I don't think the customer was aware of how bad the situation could have been if we hadn't had the help we received.
The story could have had a nasty twist as Matt's wife was due to give birth any time so he may have had to shoot off at any time! I'm sure the crew would have tried to persuade him to leave his van! 
Hope it all went well Matt.



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