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Friday, 14 January 2011

Packing for house staging.

Kat MacKinnon at Home Miracles requested a topic for this post-  "System to pack your stuff to be stored away, so that it is easy to find and access an item if needed"

House staging is becoming increasingly popular in today's housing market. Sellers are looking at ways of creating an impression in the minds eye of potential buyers. This technique is important when there is a shortage of buyers but also in the opposite market where better sale prices can be achieved.
In a previous post "is Mobile Self Storage the best house staging tool?" I described how mobile self Storage can be used to store effects for staging with minimal hassle for the customer, however, the difficulty can often be what to store?
The most common items to be stored are items of furniture with associated effects to create a feeling of space or to change a study/ dining room to an additional bedroom.
less obvious items are harder to judge and may require some professional advice on selecting personal effects that could be packed to create an impact. There is a home staging workshop in Basildon on Monday 17/1/11 , which may give you some really helpful ideas.
Once you have identified the items you want to store you will need some packing materials which can be purchased from our office in Billericay. You will also need to work to a system that will simplify the retrieval of items should you need to do so.
The obvious thing to do is label the box with its contents or number it, and keep a detailed inventory, being careful not to loose it!  Whether you are storing in a storage room or in a mobile self storage unit it would be advisable to identify the most likely items that you may need returned and keep them in the most accessible place. It would be a good idea to scan any inventories and keep an on line copy as well as a hard copy.

If you are not sure about the external storage option you could  pack and store in your loft, shed or garage being mindful of the possibility of damp. Many removal companies will offer advice on packing and supply packing materials, it may be the best option if you don't want to do the hard work yourself.