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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Do you want to pay for your house removal twice? No? Then read this first.

Like most things in life, unforeseen charges are really annoying, especially when they are out of your control. Take for example the additional costs that you could incur if your flight was cancelled because of striking air traffic controllers, and the next flight costs you double the original flight.
Or when you find you have to pay your solicitors fees for someone else's incompetence.  There are many examples of this and in most instances Insurance can offer the solution to the problem.
The removals industry is no exception, particularly so, as you are often relying on other people involved, there are usually estate agents, solicitors, banks and bureaucracy to contend with as well as local councils, surveyors and government departments. You can see how there is the potential for a last minute hold up or disaster!
In most cases your solicitor will ensure that the removal date is agreed and fixed and once exchange of contracts has taken place this is usually so. However, there are unforeseen scenarios that can change the date or even cancel it all together. 
Once you have exchanged contracts it is usually assumed that the date agreed is definite, but there are occasions where this is not always the case. Take for example the possibility that someone in the chain is taken seriously ill or injured a few days before the removal day, and are physically not able to prepare in time for the agreed date, the completion day may need to be put back a week or so. Or that someone in the chain changes their mind and is prepared to loose their deposit rather than go ahead with the move. Or there is a bereavement and the probate will complicate things and will also involve a delay. There are many other unlikely reasons why the move could be postponed or cancelled but the point is they are there. Most people don't ever have a problem but for some it can be very costly indeed. Most removers will have postponement and cancellation fees in place. Some companies are allot tougher than others and it is always important to find out what they are before entering into a contract.

A typical example would be as follows- (some will charge higher percentages over longer periods of time)

Cancellation Postponement fees- from Removal day.
4-7 Days Notice   50% of Total Fee`s
3  Days Notice     75% of Total Fee`s
1-2 Days notice    90% of Total Fee`s
Less than 24hrs   100% of Total Fee`s

So  as you could imagine these costs could be considerable, and although you could claim the costs from the party involved it may be a difficult process to obtain compensation.  So if for a small fee you could cover these costs should they arise, would you take the chance?  Well it all comes down to the type of person you are, but I would strongly suggest you consider it, as it could well pay in the long run. Especially when you consider how stressful the whole moving experience can be, and particularily if your the type of person that thinks that if anything could go wrong it will for me!

It is important to remember this cover is only if your move is agreed and contracts have been exchanged or the rental papers have been signed and accepted. Its not available if the move date is provisional and you haven't exchanged contracts.
This cover is not to be confused with the `Waiting Time Charges Waiver` which covers you on the removal day for charges you may incur if there is a delay in the release of your keys.